Wendy’s Xmas Calendar Audition – netvideogirls

Filmed Dec.1 2011 – Wendy auditions for a Christmas Calendar

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30 thoughts on “Wendy’s Xmas Calendar Audition – netvideogirls

  1. bitch stop being a whore and get a real job!!!
    ….can’t feel sorry for them being fooled by all these “casting” crooks when they are deliberately willig to sell their body for money.

  2. see that this is not a producer nor he is an ordinary crook who has managed to convince this stupid girl that the picture on the calendar, so fucked and orally satisfy it in order to ensure continuing engagement! miserable!

  3. This guy is one of the creepiest and just plain bizarre people I’ve ever heard. I guess you’d have to be pretty weird to actually go through all the trouble of setting up a fake porn casting company.

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